Aleuts dry fish on drying racks on Attu Island.W.I. Jochelson, 1909MAE
Aleuts dry fish on drying racks on Attu Island.
W.I. Jochelson, 1909

Alaskan Bio-Diversity: Land, Sea and Air


Salmon, pike and whitefish are a few of the over five hundred species of fish inhabiting the Alaskan waters. Fish provided food for people and dogs, skins for rainy weather parkas, mittens, boots and arrow quivers, fat for glue, eggs for tanning skins, and oily fish for food and light. Salmon and pike were most commonly used for waterproof skin clothing and footwear. In the past, some Siberian Yupik women smeared fish scales on their hands and faces to create an unattractive, shrivelled look that protected them from being assaulted by raiding parties.