Bata Shoe Museum storage room

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Treasures of the Bata Shoe Museum

Classroom Activities & Projects

About the Exhibition:
Chronicles of Riches showcases some of the most treasured artifacts in the Bata Shoe Museum's collection. Chosen not for their monetary value but for the stories behind them, the footwear in this exhibition spans both the globe and world history. From Napoleon's black silk socks worn while he lingered in exile on St. Helena to shoes of bear fur and silk worn by a Japanese samurai, the exhibition also reflects the personal vision of collector and Museum founder Sonja Bata, formed through a lifetime of world travel, an encyclopedic knowledge of footwear, and a passion for shoes and what they reveal about a culture.

Other highlights include Queen Victoria's dainty shoes worn in 1840, the year of her marriage, a pair of royal shoes in the shape of the sacred hintha bird, worn by 19th century Buddhist kings in Burma (also known as Myanmar) and the golden mojari of the Nizam of Hyderabad.

About the Activities:
While teachers will find ways to use this exhibition at many different grade levels, the following activities are suitable for Grade 7 9 Language/English, with particular attention to Media Literacy.

The activities do not require students to learn the content of the exhibition per se. Rather, the website, the shoes and their stories provide inspiration for unique, artifact-based teaching and learning while developing language skills.

There are three stand-alone activities: they are not necessarily intended to be used collectively as a unit. Topics covered include evaluation of news coverage, narrative writing perspective, and evaluating and creating advertisements. There are opportunities for students to apply their learning for each activity.