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  • These bleached seal skin boots are appliqued with decoration at the vamp and boot shaft.
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Bleached seal skin is appliquéd to shaved seal kamiks to create decorative patterns.
Chesterfield Inlet, 1960-1980
BSM S84.49

Caribou Inuit

Appliquéd Skin

I enjoy decorating seal skin boots with skin appliqués. I try to make my stitches very even as they become part of the design.
Cecile Iqalliq, Whale Cove, 1986

Caribou Inuit seamstresses use bleached and shaved seal skin to create simple but evocative contrasting patterns. The design motifs are often floral and are stitched carefully to the underlying skin with tiny stitches. These boots speak to the skill and creativity of the woman who makes them.