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  • Black and white photograph of a group of Inuvialuit Inuit dancing in traditional attire.
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Inuvialuit dancers at Fort McPherson, Northwest Territories, 1892.
James McDougall
Archives of Manitoba, HBCA 1945/5/21

Mackenzie Delta Inuvialuit

Kamiks of the Inuvialuit Inuit

Like most Inuit groups, the Inuvialuit make use of seal and caribou skin for mukluks (the Western Arctic name for kamiks), but due to the lack of bearded seal in the region, they historically used beluga whale skin for boot soles. After Alaskan Inupiat moved into the area, they introduced the technique of hunting bowhead whales whose skin was more durable for boot soles. More recently, tanned cow or moosehide are the most typical material used for soles. A particular feature is the trim that seamstresses like to add at the top of the boots.