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  • Photograph of Annie Sewou drum dancing while wearing traditional  clothing, Arviat, December 1985.
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Annie Sewou drum dancing while wearing traditional clothing.
Arviat, December 1985
Photograph by Jill Oakes

Caribou Inuit

Kamiks of the Caribou Inuit

Caribou Inuit wear haired caribou skin boots whose soles are made from caribou skin rather than bearded seal skin. They seldom make caribou leg skin boots, choosing instead to use the skin from the body. Caribou Inuit also make caribou skin boots with the hair worn to the inside for added insulation and warmth. Although caribou skins are the primary resource used by the Caribou Inuit, families living on the coast hunted seal and traded seal skins to the inland groups. Seal skin boots made in the southern part of the Caribou Inuit region feature narrow leg sections and simple geometric designs. Hair direction and designs flow horizontally on women's boots and vertically on men's.