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  • Photograph of Dr. Jill Oakes scraping caribou skin under the instruction of Ulayok Kaviok.
  • Magnifying Glass

Jill Oakes scraping caribou skin under the watchful eye of Ulayok Kaviok
Arviat, June 1987
Photograph by Rick Riewe


Our Boots; An Inuit Woman's Art is a collaboration between ethnographers Jill Oakes and Rick Riewe and The Bata Shoe Museum Foundation, resulting in a publication in 1995, on which this exhibition is based. The study of the Inuit seamstresses from every region of the Canadian Arctic is of considerable interest to all Canadians and we thank the Inuit women who contributed invaluable information to this exhibition. Their wealth of knowledge, skill and generosity of spirit has made the contemporary study of Inuit kamik making possible.