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  • A pair of furred sealskin boots showing the text '1987' and 'NUNAVUT'.
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The "NUNAVUT" and "1987" sewn into these haired seal skin boots by Cecilia Naleopa Kudluk from Coral Harbour record a significant year for Inuit land claims.
BSM S87.69

Iglulik Inuit

Intricate Design

Our clothing is like a living history book. It reflects the people and events that influence us.
Cecilia Naleopa Kudluk, Coral Harbour, 1987

Iglulik kamik makers are well known for the intricate inlay work. The goal is to create images with contrasting dark haired and light haired skins while matching the hair grain perfectly throughout the design. Each pair of haired seal skin boots is decorated using complicated, inlaid designs. In addition to classic geometric designs, women decorate their work with their individual interpretations of flowers, birds, and even contemporary events in the lives of the community. Sometimes decorative inlays are added to shaved seal skin boots as well.