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  • Photograph of a bride and groom at a Hindu wedding in traditional dress.
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Bride and Groom at Hindu Wedding, April 1997
© Bob Krist/CORBIS


Indian Wedding Costume

Indian Bride’s Costume
A Hindu bride in India is traditionally married in a sari. Wedding saris tend to be red, the colour of life and vitality, and are often made of luxurious silk and woven with golden threads. The bride is brought to the marriage tent or mandap wearing an outfit supplied by her maternal uncle, then, once at the mandap, she is draped in a sari provided by her husband. The wearing of this new sari symbolizes the bride’s transition into her husband’s family as, during the course of her wedding, she will symbolically and literally leave her parents’ home and care.

Indian Groom’s Costume
The traditional outfits worn by Indian grooms can be as sumptuous as bridal costumes. The styles of attire vary from region to region, but many grooms wear long jackets of luxurious gold brocaded silk complemented by turbans of contrasting, yet harmonious, colour.