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  • Wedding photograph of Moravian bride (standing) and groom (seated).
  • Magnifying Glass

Moravian couple
Helene Cincebeaux and Helen Zemek Baine Collection


Moravian Wedding Costume

Moravian Bride’s Costume
Moravian girls were taught to embroider at an early age. The wedding outfit a young bride would make reflected her embroidery skills. After the wedding it would be worn as her Sunday best. While notable for its short skirt, vest, and elaborately embroidered shirt with large puffed sleeves, the outfit’s true showpiece was the embroidered apron of indigo-dyed chintz.

Moravian Groom’s Costume
In most of Moravia, a groom’s costume was as elaborate as his bride’s. It showcased the skills of the women in his family and expressed their affection for him. It was also a statement of wealth. The sleeves on men’s special occasion shirts would often extend well beyond the fingertips, suggesting that the wearer had the luxury of not working.