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  • Photography of Macedonian bride (standing) and groom (seated) in traditional wedding costume.
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Macedonian couple
Courtesy of Annie Wood


Macedonian Wedding Costume

Macedonian Brideís Costume
Macedonia is home to a rich mosaic of regional costume. This costume from a Mariovo area village in the Bitola region is comprised of multiple handmade elements, and includes: a white cotton chemise with dramatic geometric embroidery; a thick and heavy apron of red wool decorated with sequins; red fringed arm pieces; two fringed and embroidered vests, one with large silver medallions; coin jewellery and a long head scarf. From the hand-twisted red fringe to the tiny embroidered crosses on the chemise, this outfit brims with symbolism and hope for the future.

Macedonian Groomís Costume

Traditional Macedonian menís costumes were not as ornate as the womenís. However, for marriage, subtle details like beading and fine embroidery were used to enhance an outfit. This costume from the village of Rashtak in the Skopje area is made of fine white cotton and features multi-coloured beads along the edge of the shirt collar and along the pant cuffs. The embroidery on the striped vest and beaded sash add a touch of exuberance to this restrained and dignified outfit.