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  • Bride Jasmina Petrova is led to the house of her bridegroom Igor Petrov during a traditional wedding ceremony in Galinchnik, Macedonia.
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Traditional Wedding in Galichnik, Macedonia
Jasmina Petrova, the 26 year old bride, is led to the house of 29 year old bridegroom Igor Petrov during a traditional wedding ceremony, July 2004.
© Georgi Licvski/epa/CORBIS


A Proper Fit

In parts of Macedonia, it was tradition for the groom to provide a new pair of shoes for his bride. On the day of the wedding, the best man, accompanied by a boisterous group of friends, family and musicians, would go to fetch the bride. Once at the bride’s house, the best man would present the new shoes to the bride and place them on her feet. When asked if the shoes fit, the bride would answer no. The best man would then slip a few gold and silver coins into the shoes and she would try again. Alas, the shoes would still not fit, and more coins would be added. On the third try, the bride would announce that they fit perfectly and would be led to the church by the best man.