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  • Photograph of a Japanese bride and groom in traditional wedding costume.
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Japanese Bride and Groom, Tokyo, 2000
© Peter M. Wilson/CORBIS


Japanese Wedding Costume

Japanese Bride's Costume
Traditional Japanese bridal costumes are very elaborate and require a skilled dresser to be put on properly. The outfit is comprised of many layers, such as an intricately embroidered kimono and obi or sash. Over this, a glorious white uchikake or “over kimono” is worn. Symbols of fidelity and longevity, such as cranes and pine, abound on this costume. A bride also wears an elaborate wig covered with a white silk tsuno kakushi or “horn concealer,” said to hide a bride’s “horns of jealousy.”

Japanese Groom’s Costume

Traditional formalwear in Japan shares the same colour sense and formality as the Western tuxedo. For his wedding, a groom traditionally dons a dark hued kimono over which he wears a pair of wide, pleated black and white striped pants. Over his kimono he wears a black haori jacket that is kept together by two cords, tied and suspended at his chest.