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  • Black and white photograph depicting the Korean groom's first view of his future bride.
  • Magnifying Glass

Groom's First View of his Bride,
Korea, January 20, 1924

Keystone View Company/CORBIS


Korean Wedding Costume

Korean Bride's Costume
The traditional outfit for a Korean bride was a beautiful red silk skirt and short green silk jacket over which she wore a coat with multi-coloured striped sleeves. The bride’s hair was pulled into a chignon and on her head she wore a small, intricately constructed, crown. Pierced through her chignon was a dragon-headed pin around which a red silk ribbon was wrapped that cascaded over her shoulders. A larger band of red silk printed with gold leaf flowed down her back.

Korean Groom’s Costume

The outfit worn by a Korean groom on his wedding day reflected his temporary transformation into an official. His horsehair hat and black felt boots proclaimed this status, as did the badge of rank sewn to the chest of his deeply hued robe. The belt that circled high on the chest was yet another symbol of official rank. All of these items were only allowed to be worn on the wedding day.