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  • Native tanned skin with rawhide soles.
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These boots have a pre-formed rawhide sole to which large pieces of native tanned skins have been sewn with sinew. The pieces of leather wrap around the leg and would be secured with leather ties.

Zuni bride's boots
Southwestern United States, mid- 20th century
BSM S80.1402

Small Stories


The Zuni have lived in the southwestern part of North America since time immemorial. Traditionally, a Zuni bridegroom was responsible for making the pair of wedding boots to be worn by his bride. Created out of white deerskin, the pre-formed soles of the boots had to be sewn to the one-piece uppers using stitches not visible to the eye, and without turning the boots inside out. This difficult requirement made the creation of these boots a true test of skill and devotion.