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  • Chipewyan mother and boy in winter clothing
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Chipewyan mother and boy in winter clothing.
Photograph by Richard Harrington.
Archives of Manitoba,
HBCA 1987/363-I-75/1 (N15323)

A Diversity of Styles

Athapaskan Winter Footwear in the 20th Century

“This kind of mukluks is good for travelling if you wear duffels inside them. Snow never gets inside. You put string through the top of the mukluks and tighten the top of the mukluks onto your legs. When you come to the spot where you will camp you remove your mukluks and wear different shoes. You cannot put your shoes too close to the fire when you dry them: you dry them away from the heat. You hang them up and they dry well so they are always in good shape to put back on the next day. They can't be used when they are damp.”
Rachel Robert, Fort McPherson, Northwest Territories, 1993.