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  • Mother and Child, Fort McPherson, Northwest Territories
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Mother and Child, Fort McPherson, Northwest Territories, 1971
Press Independent, Yellowknife

A Diversity of Styles

Individual Expression

“We each have our own way of drawing and putting colours together.”
Rosie Frith, Fort McPherson, Northwest Territories, 1991

Formerly, every Athapaskan woman could tan skins, work with porcupine quills and sew footwear. Today, relatively few women carry on these traditions, producing footwear for family, friends and a souvenir market. Nevertheless, a woman's ability to sew continues to be highly valued in Athapaskan society, and garments distinctive in materials and styling continue to be made and worn. Each seamstress has her own particular areas of expertise, and her own approach to design and colour.